Our mission is to serve and promote the Indian Lake economic region by providing value-added business, recreational,and community-based opportunities which will attract visitors, increase growth, and enhance community unity while sustaining the recreational resource.


About Indian Lake

Indian Lake is located in Logan County in western Ohio. It is fed by the north and south forks of the Upper Great Miami River, Cherokee Mans Run, Blackhawk Creek, and Van Horn Creek, and, starting at the bulkhead or "spillway" (located at what is now State Route 366) built in the 1850s by Irish laborers, is the beginning of the Great Miami River.

Indian Lake, so named because several tribes lived in the region and found the Lake area to be ideal for fishing
and hunting, was originally a group of small lakes and wetlands occupying about 640 acres acres, but in the 1850s, it was turned into the 6,334 acres “Lewistown Reservoir” which sent water through the Sidney Feeder to the Miami and Erie Canal. Within a few years after its construction, the canal system became an obsolete form of transportation compared to the new and growing railways.

However, Indian Lake remained, found itself well serviced by the railways, and ever since has been enjoyed by many for rest and relaxation, fishing and boating now being the most common activities. In its early years, bass were the prize catch for fishermen, with bluegill and crappies being caught in great numbers. The Lake is stocked with fish including Saugeye, for which it has been nationally recognized. Several major fishing tournaments are held each year, with local bass clubs holding weekly contests. Generally these follow "catch and return" rules. Ice fishing and snowmobling have grown in popularity. Colorful snowmobiles gather, often in large numbers, outside the several lake-front restaurants.

Indian Lake has numerous islands, including the “Indian Isles” chain that arcs through the center of the Lake, expansive wildlife areas accessible by a network of channels. numerous inlets and bays, and approximately 39 miles of shoreline. The actual lake, and adjoining Oldfield Beach (the end point of a several mile, lake-front biking/walking trail), Moundwood and Lakeview Harbor boat ramps, marinas at Moundwood and at Cherokee Campgrounds, and other greenspaces including Pew Island, are managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as part of the Ohio state park system. Popular state walking trails are located, in addition to the one ending at Oldfield Beach, at Pew Island and at the Cherokee Campgrounds.

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